Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Experts and Managers

Recruit, develop and retain staff: with this model, the DHBW Cooperative Master’s opens up new opportunities for companies’ and social organisations’ HR activities. On the one hand, the career-integrated concept allows HR managers to support their employees’ desire for further qualification; on the other hand, it offers employers the opportunity of putting theoretical knowledge into practice. What is more, the Cooperative Master’s students will not leave their company at any point during their studies. They continue to devote themselves to their profession while enriching their work with applied master’s level knowledge. Developing a network across all company and organisation sizes also opens further perspectives. 

  • For companies, institutions and their HR managers, it is easy to get started. It takes only a few steps to become our corporate partner.
  • Prospective students must have a permanent employer during their studies (see admission requirements). If you are looking for an employer, the DHBW CAS can neither find nor help you find any vacant positions. Therefore, talk to your current or future employer and specifically address your objective to pursue a master’s degree.