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Further academic qualification, financial independence and a tailored master’s degree course with on-the-job training: that is precisely what our postgraduate work-study programmes in the Schools of Business, Engineering, Social Work and Health provide.

Wide Range of Postgraduate Work-Study Programmes

With a total of 25 study programmes, the DHBW Center for Advanced Studies (DHBW CAS) allows students from any type of higher education institution to further their personal development after having obtained a first (bachelor’s) degree.

Within the Master's in Business Management degree course, students can specialise in Accounting, Controlling, Taxation, Digital Business Management, Finance, General Business Management, Human Resource Management and Business Psychology, Marketing, Media and Data-driven Business, Sales as well as Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Production. On top of that, the School of Business offers the postgraduate study programmes Taxes, Accounting and Auditing as well as Business Information Systems.

The School of Engineering offers the following degree courses: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Integrated Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business Engineering. 

The wide range of postgraduate study programmes is completed by the School of Social Work’s degree courses: Governance of Social Work, Social Planning and Social Work in the Migration Society.

The School of Health offers the degree course Advanced Practice in Healthcare.




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