Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Studies

The DHBW Cooperative Master’s is an advanced programme (graduate entry) on the job; this means you have to meet the following requirements: 

  • You hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • You have been gaining professionally relevant work experience for at least one year after obtaining your first degree.
  • You can provide proof of an existing employment contract. The DHBW CAS cannot help you find any vacant positions! Your professional activity suggests that you can extend, broaden and complement the knowledge gained during postgraduate studies in practice.
  • The study programme you wish to apply for is related to your current professional activity in terms of content (degree course in a related subject).
  • You hold a bachelor’s degree or a “Diplom” in a related subject. In general, a minimum final grade of 2.5 or ECTS classification A or B is required. It is irrelevant at what higher education institution you completed your studies; the Cooperative Master’s welcomes graduates from any type of higher education institution. In case you have obtained a bachelor’s degree with less than 210 ECTS credits, you must complete some basic modules before you can begin your studies.
  • Your employer provides personal and professional support for your studies and documents this in a notice.
  • Your employer has suitable projects and supporting staff.
  • Before you start a Cooperative Master’s programme, you meet the relevant Academic Head for a consultation.
  • You have sufficient German language proficiency to follow the course content and participate in the classes (which are mostly offered in German) in a qualified way.

If the number of applicants exceeds the specified student capacities, the places are allocated according to a ranking list, which results from the final grade and the time of qualified professional experience.

Currently, more information on the application process, on our study programmes and on the relevant points of contact is only available on our German pages.