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Are you interested in our Master's study courses? If you are, then you will receive important tips about the admission prerequisites, language skills, tuition fees or also the obligation for an existing employment relationship.

The Dual Master Degree at DHBW CAS is a career-integrated and vocational study course. You can combine studying and your career. The majority of our Master's study courses are structured as modular and flexible in terms of the time required.

  • Perfectly set up for when it fits into your everyday working life
  • Precisely where it suits you and you can find the best learning conditions
  • Exactly the contents which interest you and will assist you in your career path

The standard duration of the Dual Master's Degree is 4 terms, including the preparation and completion of the Master's thesis. You can participate in various, selected study modules during every semester. One module comprises five to six days of attendance.

You can utilise the time in between in order to review the material which has been taught, as well as implementing it into your everyday working life. In principle, you will have to attend one classroom event once a month, whereby you will work in your company or institution for the rest of the time. The actual number of attendance days for the study course will depend on the degree programme which you have selected. The dates for the lectures, events and examinations will be announced very punctually so that you will be able to plan for the long semester.

Approximately half of the attendance events will take place at the DHBW CAS in Heilbronn and the other half at the study academies and campuses of the DHBW in Baden-Württemberg. Where each event will take place will depend on, among other things, the spatial and technical resources which are currently available (e.g. laboratories, IT rooms). What is being offered, as well as your personal choice of modules, will always be decisive for deciding about where you will study.

If you would like to commence a Master's study course at DHBW CAS, then you must always fulfil the following admission prerequisites.

  • An initial degree (Bachelor or Final Examination Certificate) from a recognised Higher Education Institution or University of Applied Sciences with at least 180 ECTS credits. The study course must indicate a content-related connection to your intended Master's study course. Your final grade should have been 2.5 or better and/or classified in the ECTS classification system as A or B.
  • Permanent employment relationship: You are currently employed in a qualified, relevant relationship during the study period. The DHBW CAS is not responsible for assisting with the search for potential employers. An employer must be approved by CAS or become approved by them beforehand.
  • After you have concluded your Bachelor's degree, then you must have completed at least one year of practical work experience which is related to your intended Master's study course.
  • Your employer has also been informed about the Master's study course, which you intend to participate in, and they have agreed to it.
  • The teaching courses, lectures and events will usually be held in German. Your language skills will be reviewed before you start the course.
  • The students hereby undertake to remit the study fees for the whole study course in advance.

If you require additional information about the application process, our degree programmes and the respective contact people, then please visit our German website.

All courses, teaching events, lectures and examinations will be held in German. You will therefore always require very good German language skills.

The following certificates will be recognised as a verification for this prerequisite: 

  • DHS Examination: Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DHS) is the German language examination for the admission of foreign applicants to higher education and requires a pass level with at least DSH-2.
  • TestDaF: Refers to the total score of all partial examinations of 16 points, provided that no partial result is listed as "below 3".
  • GDS: Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom/Goethe Certificate C2 is a German examination for adults to certify that candidates have acquired extremely advanced language skills and corresponds to the sixth level (C2) on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • KDS: Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom, replaced by GDS in January 2021
  • ZOP: Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (Central Grammar School Examination) 
  • German Language Diploma for KMK (2nd Level)
  • telc: “Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences)”.

Submitting proof with a C1 Goethe Certificate (old designation: Central Secondary Education Examination) or completed German studies in the home country is not sufficient.

The Master's study course at DHBW CAS is a fee-based programme, i.e. tuition fees will be charged. These will be charged per semester. A one-off admission fee of 300 Euros must be remitted in addition to the tuition fees.

The tuition fees already include the relevant student union fees, administration fees, contributions to the associated student body, examination fees and the right to utilise the infrastructure located at the DHBW CAS.

Study course

Tuition fee per
semester 1-4

Tuition fee complete 
(normal period)

Accounting, Controlling, Taxation 4,225 € 16,900 €
Business Informatics 4,350 € 17,400 €
Digital Business Management 4,225 € 16,900 €
Entrepreneurship 4,225 € 16,900 €
Finance 4,225 € 16,900 €
General Business Management 4,225 € 16,900 €
Human Resource Management and Business Psychology 4,225 € 16,900 €
Marketing 4,225 € 16,900 €
Master of Business Administration 4,225 € 16,900 €
Media and Data-driven Business 4,225 € 16,900 €
Sales 4,225 € 16,900 €
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Production 4,225 € 16,900 €
Taxes, Accounting and Auditing 5,550 € 22,200 €
Business Engineering 5,000 € 20,000 €
Civil Engineering 5,000 € 20,000 €
Computer Science 4,350 € 17,400 €
Electrical Engineering 5,000 € 20,000 €
Executive Engineering 8,000 € 32,000 €
Integrated Engineering 5,250 € 21,000 €
Mechanical Engineering 5,000 € 20,000 €
 Social Work    
Advanced Practice in Healthcare 1,625 € 6,500 €
Digitalisation in Social Work 1,625 € 6,500 €
Governance of Social Work 1,625 € 6,500 €
Planning and Coordination in Social Work 1,625 € 6,500 €
Social Work in the Migration Society 1,625 € 6,500 €

*the Master's course Taxes, Accounting and Auditing requires an entrace exam which costs 140 Euro

You must have an existing employment relationship, which will always be maintained during your studies, in order to participate in a Master's study course at the DHBW CAS. Your employer has also been informed about the study course and they will ideally support you in this matter. It is not possible to study for a Master's degree at the DHBW CAS without verification for an existing employment relationship.
It is up to you to find an employer who will be able to support you during the Master's study course.

Your employer must also be approved as a Dual Partner of the DHBW CAS. You can find additional information by clicking on "Dual Partner".

Most of the Master's study courses, which are offered at DHBW CAS, commence in the Summer and Winter terms. You can apply for a place at the Summer semester from 1 February to 30 June, for the Winter semester from 1 September to 15 January.  You can apply online via our application portal.

You will need the following documentation in order to apply to the DHBW CAS: 

  • Application form (can be generated in the application portal).
  • Officially certified copies of your University of Applied Sciences Certificate, Diploma Supplement and Transcript of Records
  • A letter of motivation (required by the Head of the Academic Department in order for them to prepare for your interview)
  • A signed curriculum vitae in tabular form, which clearly indicates the periods and scope of the relevant professional experience after the Bachelor's study course
  • Verification for the German language skills
  • Acknowledgement from the employer

Please upload your documentation digitally and submit the completed application form online after you have entered your complete data in the online portal. You will subsequently receive your application form by email. Once you have received the form, then please sign it and send it together with your documents by post to the DHBW CAS.

We will review the form after we have received your application. You can call up the current processing status to review it via the online application portal. The Academic Director for your degree programme will contact you for a personal counselling interview during the current process.