Social Work in the Migration Society

The Master in Social Work in the Migration Society study course will prepare you for professional activities and managerial tasks in which you require special, migration-related competences in addition to social work and social science knowledge.

The dual Master's study course is designed to raise your awareness of social science and migration policy discourses. It will therefore enable you to learn how to independently develop, implement and evaluate concepts during your studies.

Your field of work is therefore not only "classic" working sectors for migration counselling and refugee social work. You are also working as an expert for these topics in a managerial position where a high level of awareness of intercultural diversity is a prerequisite.

You will be able to assume a role in responsible counselling, development and research tasks at public and independent institutions after you conclude your Master's study course.

Brief information

Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Type of study A career-integrating, attendance study course with a high share of self-study, modular = large options for individual orientation.
Place of study At the DHBW CAS in Heilbronn and other locations from the DHBW.
Course language German
Standard studying time 4 Semesters
Attendance days 65 days. With standard studying period on average 3-5 days/month (Mon-Thu/Wed or Thu/Fri-Sat) + 1 examination/module (up to eleven dates in total) + 1 kick-off workshop day.
Start of study 1 October (Winter semester).
Tuition fees 6,500 Euros + 300 Euros registration fee