The dual Master's Entrepreneurship study course is aligned to entrepreneurs who are involved in challenging start-up projects and scale-up projects, and those people who would like to take these types of projects forwards successfully. The study course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools for business development.

The teaching course content will be presented by experienced lecturers, who also have start-up experience themselves and can therefore give you valuable tips. The study course is also suitable for students who are in a responsible role in corporate start-up projects in an already existing company.

Specialisation in different tasks in the team is possible within the study course, which means that all areas of responsibility within a company are therefore covered.

Brief information

Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Type of study A career-integrating, attendance study course with a high share of self-study, modular = large options for individual orientation.
Place of study At the DHBW CAS in Heilbronn and other locations from the DHBW.
Course language German
Standard studying time 4 Semesters
Attendance days 64 days. With standard studying period on average 2 -3 days/month (Mon-Thu/Wed or Thu/Fri-Sat) + 1 examination/module (up to eleven dates in total) + 1 kick-off workshop day.
Start of study 1 April (Summer semester) or 1 October (Winter semester).
Tuition fees 16,900 Euros + 300 Euros registration fee