University of Applied Sciences

The DHBW Center for Advanced Studies (DHBW CAS) is a part of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). The DHBW can currently look back on over 40 years of experience in the implementation of dual, practice-integrated study courses. The DHBW's organisational structure is unique in Germany, which is based on the US State University system, with central and decentralised levels. The DHBW has nine locations and three campuses at its disposal, which therefore provides a wide range of nationally and internationally accredited Bachelor and Master study course programmes in the fields of business, economics, technology, social work and health in cooperation with over 9,000 selected companies and social institutions or facilities.

The DHBW CAS was founded in 2014 and bundles the DHBW's Master's study courses and continuing education programmes together. In addition, the DHBW is also home to the Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg (ISoG BW) and the DHBW Centre for Higher Education Didactics and Lifelong Learning.

The DHBW CAS has its registered office on the education campus located in Heilbronn. It is represented by the Master business offices at the DHBW locations. More than 100 staff are available to take care of the coordination of the study courses and the supervision of the students.