Upgrade your MicroMasters® program credential in Supply Chain Management


As MITx MicroMasters credential holders in Supply Chain Management, you’re eligible to receive up to 25 ECTS academic credit points towards the completion of a 90 ECTS credit point master’s degree programs in

Our master’s programs are designed as a 4-semester, work-integrated program. As learner who successfully complete the MIT’s MicroMasters programm in Supply Chain Management you can typically reduce this to 3-semesters.

Required courses for the completion of Master in Business Management - Supply Chain Management, Logistik und Produktion (M.A.):

  • General Management I: Anwendungsorientiere Forschung  (5 ECTS)
  • General Management II: Strategisches Management (5 ECTS)
  • General Management III: Managerial Economics und Recht (5 ECTS)
  • General Management IV: Führung, Organisation und Ethik (5 ECTS)
  • General Management: Wahlmodul (5 ECTS)
  • Fachübergreifende Kompetenzen (5 ECTS)
  • Studienrichtungswahlmodul (5 ECTS)
  • Forschungsprojektarbeit I (5 ECTS)
  • Forschungsprojektarbeit II (5 ECTS)
  • Masterarbeit (20 ECTS)


Required courses for the completion of Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen / Business Engineering (M.Sc.):

  • Wahlfach Technik  (5 ECTS)
  • 4 x Wahlfach Technik, Wirtschaft oder Integrationsfach (je 5 ECTS)
  • Fachübergreifende Kompetenzen (5 ECTS)
  • Studienarbeit (10 ECTS)
  • Masterarbeit (25 ECTS)


Per course there are typically 5-6 days lecture days at DHBW.
The usual admission criteria – including German language proficiency and an existing employment contract – for postgraduate studies at DHBW apply.
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